CEX.IO Summary

Headquarters United Kingdom
Found in 2013
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, BCH, BTG, DASH, LTC, and more
Trading Pairs BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ETH/BTC, ETH/USD, and more
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB
Supported Countries 99% All + 48 US States
Minimum Deposit For ETH – 0.001other Crypto – 0.0001
Deposit Fees VISA – 2.99%Mastercard – 2.99%
Transaction Fees Maker – 0.00% to 0.16%Taker – 0.10% to 0.25%
Withdrawal Fees VISA – up to 3% + $ 1.20Mastercard – up to 1.8% + $ 1.20cryptocurrencies – it varies on each crypto
Application iOS and Android
Customer Support Email and Call Support

CEX.io Review

CEX.IO Review – Platform Interface

Traders can acquire brokerage services from the CEX.IO trading platform to enhance their digital currency trading efforts with a secure verification service. The cryptocurrency exchange platform is authoritatively registered with the United Kingdoms’ legal operatives. The trading platform CEX.IO offers money services business offerings through the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

The FinCEN offering by CEX.IO renders security features for payment methods. Their highly scrutinized security offers safeguards to professional traders while trading fees, digital currencies, or orchestrating cross-platform trading, branding the crypto exchange CEX.IO a profitable platform. To know more about the exchange, read this CEX.IO review in detail and start exploring.

About CEX.IO

The cryptocurrency-operated fin-tech platform CEX.IO started its humble beginnings in the year 2013. Presently, the cryptocurrency exchange firm is assisting and building operations amongst 4 million international clients.

The fintech rooted operative CEX.IO is one of the eminent authorizing members from the CryptoUK corporation. CEX.IO strives to intensify the link between the country, the United Kingdoms’ administrative governmental executives, and marquee cryptocurrency firms.

CEX.io Review

CEX.IO Review – About CEX.IO

Fintech patrons were offered lucrative services through CEX.IO to trade their fiscal earnings into crypto tokens. The CEX.IO platform has strong tie-ups with reputable banks in prominent marketplaces. Crypto tokens are converted into leading international marketplaces like The United States Dollar, the British pound sterling, the Russian ruble, and the Euro.

CEX.IO renders a diversified array of profitable crypto trading intermediaries for Etherum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ripple (XRP), to name a few noteworthy exchanges for their client’s pursual.

The core purpose of the crypto digital platform CEX.IO is to orchestrate a portal for novice clients into the fintech realm.

The crypto organization CEX.IO has 250 multi-talented fintech specialists operating in the firm’s international branches in the United States, Ukraine, United Kingdom of Greater Britain, Cyprus, and Northern Ireland.  Now CEX.IO, wanting to branch out to further international territories, has appealed to the fiscal governmental operatives of Singapore for a fintech exchange permit.

CEX.io Review

CEX.IO Review – Featured in Many Media Company

From its onset, CEX.IO has built a strong base with eminent financial conglomerates listing themselves with multiple reputable jurisdictions in the United States. A noteworthy alliance of CEX.IO operating in over 30 states in the US is Money Transmitter License and Authoritative firm of US Financial Crimes Money Services Businesses.

CEX.IO, through their territory into new marketplaces, is rooted in their enhancement for niche fintech clients and administrative fulfillments.

History of CEX.IO

CEX.io Review

CEX.IO Review – History of CEX.IO

The humble origins of CEX.IO took place in the year 2013 where it was first listed in the United Kingdom of Britain. At the onset, CEX.IO, the cryptocurrency exchange platform’s trading past, was known to orchestrate trading mining pursuits of Gash.IO and further went on to adopt the Bitcoin cryptocurrency as well. CEX.IO, at its inception into the fintech realm, was branded as an aid for cloud mining pursuits, a gateway to mining potential, and a Blockchain mining tool for the crypto token BTC.

A year into the cryptocurrency exchange platforms’ trading past, CEX.IO in 2014 linked accessibility of crypto exchange purchasing with a user’s debit or credit card service. Adding onto their lucrative client offerings, in the year 2015, CEX.IO launched its homegrown conceptualized usable trading agent mobile app.

In 2016, adding more services to their kitty CEX.IO administered the authority for advanced users to credit their crypto tokens directly to their fiscal credit or debit card. This allowed for an easy trade to garner convertible cryptocurrency exchanges into fiat currency. Notably, CEX.IO was the leading fintech platform to orchestrate this payment method to their clients.

In 2018, a remarkable development took place. CEX.IO, being an important member of the crypto association, launched CryptoUK. The ideology to bring CryptoUK to the frontiers was to bridge the gap between the governmental authorities. Thereby, with its EU regulatory framework, it orchestrates a government-authorized blueprint for cryptocurrency exchange firms that want to grow their base in the UK marketplace.

Branching out to new CEX.IO supported countries, in 2019, CEX.IO launched its market base into the territories of the United States. With the aid of the US authorized operatives, they were further able to join an alliance with major operating services to accelerate their offering to the world over.

CEX.io Review

CEX.IO Review – Mission of CEX.IO

On a more current account, CEX.IO continues to be a powerhouse for its crypto exchange clients. It presently allows clients of the CEX.IO platform the ability of a smooth staking with lucrative rewards to credit from. The cryptocurrency exchange platform has an instant add-to peculiarity titled Instant Sell. Building on their profitable services, CEX.IO permits crypto exchanges into a fiat currency with easy accessibility through the homegrown crypto exchange mobile application or the website.

Key Features of CEX.IO

Payment Method

CEX.IO provides a host of payment options for the exchange or investment of user funds. They have a user-friendly interface that allows the user funds to be converted easily from their bitcoin trading or other cryptocurrency exchanges to fiat currencies. The payment cards for deposits and withdrawals are bank transfer, VISA payment card, cryptocurrency, and MasterCard withdrawals.

Competing Reinforcements for Cryptocurrency Exchange

CEX.IO offers reasonable trading fees for advanced users for deposits and withdrawals. These exchange offers are curated with high-level and high-frequency professionals in mind. Users receive occasional special offers through the service of crypto exchange CEX.IO administrators.

CEX.IO Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 Transfer user funds to CEX.IO supported countries of marketplaces in Europe, the United States, and Russia.   The crypto exchange platform still has to reach and obtain the approval of a host of international currencies. 
 A great platform digitally enhanced for popular exchanges in the crypto world.   All judgments on trades in the cryptocurrency platform have to be orchestrated by the professional trader with no assistance. 
 Bank transfers of fiat funds and cryptocurrency exchanges are authorized by the digital currency platform through a user’s credit or debit card.   The resurgence of fiat currency in cash has no regulatory approval. 
 Digital and email-based assistance for transactions.   No one-on-one contact through helpline phone calls. 
 In a premium verified account, amplified amounts for bank transfers and transactions can be rendered.   On the contrary, for basic accounts, restrictive transfer fees and transaction fees are imposed. 

Registration Process

CEX.io Review

Registration Process @CEX.IO

The process of filing details and contact information is required to commence your trading venture with the crypto exchange platform. The process to initiate the process to deposit funds and withdraw crypto exchange is a seamless one with the platform offers administered by CEX.IO.

Primarily, investors need to fill in the name of their CEX.IO supported countries’ details, email details and curate a personalized password.

The second stage is to read and review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use sanctioned and authorized by the crypto exchange platform. After which, an account can be generated.

After this account generation, the investors need to authorize the email and verify their email account, thereby leading them to access CEX.IO offers.

CEX.IO Payment Methods and Their Fees

The CEX.IO Fees for debit and credit deposits and withdrawals have a different valuation for the Greater Britain marketplace. However, check the below table to know about the Transaction fees based on your 30-day trade volume for all pairs:-

CEX.io Review

CEX.IO Review – Transaction Fees Based on 30-day Trade Volume

For VISA, the Deposit fees are 2.99% in USD and GBP. In regards to VISA withdrawal fees, it is up to 3% + $ 1.20, and the commission charge is up to $ 3.80.

For Mastercard, the CEX.IO fees during deposits are 2.99% in USD and GBP currency. In regards to Mastercard withdrawals, the service charge is up to 1.8% + $ 1.20. For commission, the CEX.IO fees for Mastercard up to 1.2% + $3.80.

The CEX.IO fees for cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin CEX.IO fees for user withdrawal is 0.0005% and Binance USD (BUSD) is 40%. DASH, Litecoin, and (ETH) all three share the same CEX.IO fees for user withdrawal. For the crypto exchange Uniswap (UNI), the transaction fees for user withdrawal is 1%, SushiSwap (SUSHI) is at 2.5% and Polkadot (DOT) is at 0.1%.

List of Services Offered by CEX.IO

CEX.IO Broker

CEX.io Review

CEX.IO Broker Services

The service rendered by the platform, CEX.IO Broker, arms crypto investors with a host of features: enhanced trading mechanisms for advanced traders, digital report implements, and an order book.

CEX Direct

CEX.io Review

CEX Direct for Advanced Customers

The third portfolio CEX.IO offers is ‘CEX Direct’ for advanced users. Money service businesses can present investors with a smooth admittance to account verification, crypto exchange, payment methods, deposits, bitcoin gold withdrawals of funds, and other exchanges.

Buying Limits of CEX.IO

In regards to fiat currency, the user can opt for varied offerings from the account tier. In the identity tier, users on a daily account can deposit funds of $3,000.00. Whereas the daily withdrawal limit is $10,000.00. On a slightly advanced tier known as the High-risk two-factor, users on a daily account can deposit funds of $10,000.00, and the daily withdrawal limit in this tier is 10,000.00.

The third tier, ‘Enhanced,’ helps advanced users leverage at a momentous rate in regards to their deposits and withdrawals. On a daily account in the Enhanced tier, a user can deposit unlimited funds, and the daily withdrawal has no limitations as well for other exchanges.

The last selection from the crypto exchange, CEX.IO, is the fourth tier titled ‘Corporate.’ This tier has limited withdrawals and deposits to buy crypto and other exchanges.

On a daily basis, debit and credit card users of Visa and Mastercard, the most prominently used ones, can deposit funds from $20 to an unlimited amount. In regards to the withdrawal limits for Visa and Mastercard debit and credit card users, they are authorized to withdraw $20.00 to $50,000.00 funds (VISA) and $20.00 — $2,500.00 funds (Mastercard).

The Limits for Cryptocurrency Exchanges Administered by CEX.IO:-

For crypto exchange Binance USD (BUSD), the limitations are 1% for deposit funds and 4% for withdrawals.

For Bitcoin (BTC), the deposit funds limits are 0.0001% and 0.002% for withdrawals to buy bitcoin.

For Dash (DASH) crypto, the deposit funds limits are 0.0001% and 0.1% for withdrawals.

For crypto exchange, Ethereum (ETH), the deposit funds limits are 0.001 and 0.02% for withdrawals.

For Polkadot (DOT) crypto exchange, the deposit funds limits and withdrawals are both 1%, respectively.

For SushiSwap (SWAP) crypto exchange, the deposit funds limits are 2% and 3% restriction for withdrawals.

For Uniswap (UNI) crypto exchange, the deposit funds limits are 0.02% and 1.5% respectively.

User Experience on CEX.IO Exchange

CEX.IO is the most pristine cryptocurrency exchange platform on a global scale. The crypto exchange CEX.IO satisfies crypto investors as a bitcoin broker and a trading platform combined. It includes an array of supported cryptocurrency assets on its CEX.IO offers, and major crypto networks Etherum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), and Bitcoin (BTC) exchanges are rendered to investors.

It is a user-friendly trading platform that allows new users and professional traders to access their accounts for deposits and withdrawals through their debit or credit card. From 2019, it has implemented a lucrative offering for those traders who want to pursue margin exchanges with CEX.IO offers rendered through CEX.IO Broker. It aids investors and can administer trading CFDs.

Performance of CEX.IO Mobile App

CEX.io Review

CEX.IO Review – CEX.IO Mobile App

CEX.IO offers users its homegrown performance app, the CEX.IO mobile application. The app is a huge asset for crypto traders to administer deposits and withdrawals on the go from any corner of the world from their bank account. The aim of the CEX.IO app is to have an accessible passageway for fintech users and execute crypto funds or fiat currencies without any hassle. The trading history presented gives the ability to track the users’ crypto records. The whole portfolio of CEX.IO is accessible on the mobile platform as well. With the app, traders can easily profit from stackable crypto tokens in their respective accounts.

CEX.io Review

Features of CEX.IO App

Adding to the suitable core benefits, the performance app by the bitcoin exchange platform CEX.IO offers notifications for orders activated, price alerts for market price changes, consumer support, and security features with full data encryption.

CEX.IO Regulation and Security

The crypto exchange platform CEX.IO during the registration process, stackable, abides by a robust security verification process for debit card transactions. During the bank transfer, the user has to register for a two-factor authentication: KYC and AML procedure. These security features link CEX.IO supported countries’ bank account guidelines.

CEX.io Review

Security Features of CEX.IO

With the verification process, CEX.IO offers users a trading platform that aims at ruling out illicit transactions. It enhances the bitcoin wallet and bank account safety. For trading cryptocurrencies, CEX.IO offers a Listing and Delisting process to safeguard businesses and users trading cryptocurrencies. The trading platform administers a regulatory process and a genuine delisting process.

During trading, CEX.IO offers boundless accountability and reporting that are included in the regulatory approval process. This feature assists traders and warrants user funds. Additionally, the trading platform contributes to a robust high risk administration process. If any malpractices occur the out of their reserved revenue will credit the user as a reserve feature to shield the user from the illicit trading consequence.

The CEX.IO crypto payment method shields user funds with effective security features. Their safeguarded nature is designed to have risk warnings from DDoS attacks. Other securities include full data encryption, PCI DSS criteria agreements, and crypto exchange cold storage.

CEX.IO Review: Customer Support

CEX.IO offers customer support in the form of the user’s basic account, buying bitcoins, when traders seek independent financial services, through the CEX.IO mobile app, and while users are trading cryptocurrencies or during margin trading activities. Professional traders can contact CEX.IO customer support through calls, mobile app, or email.

Closing Thought – Is CEX.IO Trustworthy?

The user-friendly trading platform CEX.IO reviews have been positive. Mainly the Trustpilot reviews have been illustrated by business owners, verified account holders, and an array of professional traders. The trading platform is leveraged for crypto traders as it provides security features for all their CEX.IO supported countries and imposes very economical CEX.IO Fees.

However, we can also say that CEX.IO comes under best crypto exchanges and their mobile app gives the user ability to check on their user funds on a minute-to-minute basis making the trading platform a great medium to buy bitcoin and orchestrate more payment methods according to the market.


Is CEX.IO Regulated?

Yes, CEX.IO is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

Is CEX.IO a Wallet?

CEX.IO offers investors much more than administering a crypto wallet to its users. While the crypto exchange is the main precedent by the trading platform, it also enhances the investor’s security features within its digital CEX.IO wallet operation. Actioning a double authentication from the users results in accelerating the security features of the user’s funds even more.

Has CEX.IO Been Hacked?

No, as CEX.IO priority is the user’s security and till now the platform has maintained it and had never get hacked.

How Long Does CEX.IO Verification Take?

The verification period of CEX.IO is 1 to 24 hours.

Does CEX.IO Require SSN?

Yes, if you are a US resident then you have to provide Social Security Number (SSN) for submitting your verification application.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw From CEX.IO?

When a user administers a withdrawal within the trading platform CEX.IO the application status is processed in a 24 hour time period for trading days. Following the process of depositing user funds, the investment unit of CEX.IO coordinates to the user’s bank account to abide by the existing protocols laid out.

How Do I Deposit Money Into CEX.IO?

To benefit from the CEX.IO offers and administer bank transfers firstly through the website, the user needs to fill in their details on the Finance sub-page. After filling that form, the user needs to agree to the deposit button on the Finance page. In the third functionality, the traders register the deposit funds and add the CEX.IO supported countries’ fiat currency valuation.

After this basic procedure, the user needs to register for the QWI payment method. The last process for deposit funds is completed after the user has registered their contact number with the CEX.IO supported countries code and register by clicking the Proceed request operation.

Can I Use CEX.IO in the USA?

Crypto investors based in the United States can avail of CEX.IO offers in 28 verified states. The trading platform is planning its expansion to the remaining states.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Card on CEX.IO?

For user card payments on the crypto trading platform, deposits and withdrawals can only be administered by the CEX.IO cardholder.

Is CEX.IO Better Than Coinbase?

As per our research, we can say that Coinbase has a better user experience than CEX.IO, but that does not mean one can not opt for CEX.IO, it also has many unique features that everyone should explore.

Thank you for rating.